I’m so excited you are here.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer located in Monroe, New York. I photograph within the Hudson Valley region, NYC tri state area and beyond. Telling stories is my passion my goal is always to capture your joy, your relationship and the story of your day.I have a silly, fun-loving, and creative personality. Oh, and I’m a hugger - just giving you fair warning. My sessions include lots of fun and laughing (mostly due to my terrible jokes)! I go into every session excited at the prospect of working with my clients and bringing out their inner beauty and joy through my camera.

                                              - Mariana

Mariana was incredible, she is truly an amazing photographer and such a nice person too! She was a highlight at our wedding, I LOVE Every photo she took and she got great shots in all kinds of environments from outdoors in the sun to inside in the dark.... All the photos are amazing and my favorite is a night shot that she stole us for! It was incredible, she captured the moon along with us! It's just an amazing photo that everyone can't believe is real! During the entire planning process, Mariana kept me on my toes and checked in with me like no one else did. She literally helped me plan the step by step which was Crucial to the success of our wedding especially since we did not have a wedding planner.     -Kate

My goal is to capture images filled with real joy, your true relationship and your loved ones’ partying like rock stars.  To tell your stories and make the moments timeless.  So, you will always remember how you felt when you walked down the aisle, the joy of the first kiss and the celebration with your family and friends.

Set in the woods of Buttermilk Falls Inn.  Nature takes center stage in this romantic engagement session. My favorite sessions are nature filled with a romantic feel.

I just loved my time with Christina and Billy so much! It was little humid, and a little hot and sticky, we also had a crazy duck chasing us, but you would never know in these images!  Christina and Billy are so joyful together! I told them that they were so easy to photograph, and I meant it! They even made it to my advanced posing stage  As you scroll through these images you’ll fall in love with their smiles and the way they look at one another! I cannot WAIT for their wedding day in October at Arrow Park!